Python: Unraveling the Snake

November 24, 2009

Something has been making me restless lately.  Maybe it’s the periodic need to shake things up; maybe it’s the growing sense that I may be getting a little parochial in the Microsoft-centric alternative reality that I’ve lived in for the past 15 years or so; maybe it’s simply indigestion.  Whatever the reason, I’ve been looking […]

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The Kindle DX — Is it Worth the Money?

November 19, 2009

As a purchaser of the original Kindle 1 back around November of 2007, I’m a relatively early adopter of’s eReader technology. In general, I’ve been well satisfied with it, for a first-generation device. I find the ability to purchase most books for $9.99 or less in a very readable / usable / portable format, […]

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Advice for Self-Taught Programmers

October 19, 2009

Bob returns to blogging with some advice for noobs.

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Time To Jump Ship?

October 29, 2008

Does Redmond have any room left to redeem itself on the OS front?

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VB.NET Eye for the C# Guy

October 21, 2008

Coming to VB.NET from C#? Oh, behave!

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Good Typists Make Good Developers

September 10, 2008

Are typing skills really that much help to a developer? You bet.

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How Not To Remove Multiple Spaces From Strings

July 26, 2008

You think you’re removing all possible cases of multiple spaces … but you’re not.

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Case-Insensitive Regex Patterns in .NET

June 28, 2008

For some reason, I haven’t had to do this in a long time, so had to look it up. There are three options for doing case-insensitive regular expressions in .NET. The first is to use the RegexOptions enumeration to specify case-insensitive behavior: Regex.IsMatch(“Fubar”,”^fubar”,RegexOptions.IgnoreCase) The equivalent option is to put (?i) at the start of the […]

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Twitter Explained for Greybeards

June 17, 2008

My old friend Whil Hentzen, who is still somehow making a living in the FoxPro world with a side of Linux, posted a hilarious and enlightening explanation of Twitter, how it’s used in the real world, and why it might be necessary to indulge in even if you were born before dirt was invented. I’m […]

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On Exceeding Requirements

May 7, 2008

Not having fun as a software developer? I didn’t think so. It’s written all over your code.

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